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Authentic Italian Foods:  Our products are low calorie, cholesterol free, gluten free, no sugar or animal fat has been added. No salt has been added to the sauces. Tested at Texas A&M University

Mother Teresa's Gift Baskets come in all price ranges and sizes. Our Gourmet Gifts make perfect gift items for a man's office party, gift giving needs for corporations, holiday cooking treats for women, house warming parties, corporate business to business gifts exchanging and more. Also - don't forget that our products are great for those vegetarian diets. If you are on a low cholesterol or low fat diet, you will enjoy reading our nutritional facts. No sugar is added to our products, no salt is added - our products are flavorful without adding the sodium, and no gluten is used in our cooking process. Our gourmet products are delicious, heart healthy, meatless, low-fat and great for cholesterol restricted diets. Our gourmet gift baskets can be shipped to your home or business office. We ship anywhere in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. All major credit cards accepted.

Consider one of our Business Gift Baskets which start at only $35.95!

Mother Teresa's Gift Baskets come flowing with:
Pasta Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Extra Spicy Sauce, Italian Dressing, Mediterranean Mushrooms, Mediterranean Garlic, Mediterranean Giardenera and Mediterranean Caponata.


Traditional Food Baskets and Hostess or Home Party Gifts, starting at only $55.95

Simplicity is wonderful! Italian food baskets perfect for housewarming parties or hostess gifts. This Italian gift basket will be a special treat for new homeowners.  Say congratulations and bring over home cooking gifts for those new home owners. Celebrate with them at their house warming party and send thoughts of Buona Fortuna!
Or, just simply say Thank You! to the hard working hostess for making an event special.
This traditional Italian gift basket consists of:
Mother Teresa's Marinara Sauce 26 oz, Mother Teresa's Italian Dressing 16 oz, Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Garlic 12 oz, Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Mushrooms 16 oz, Italian Pasta

White Natural Gift Crate, only $35.95

Oh! the comfort of a loaf of hot bread and a crispy green salad.
Authentic italian cooking will always cater to the appetite hungry for southern italian comfort foods.
When you want hot bread and olive oil, think Italian!
Simply, relax, eat and enjoy. Choose your gift crate contents. 
Your choice of:   Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mother Teresa's Italian Dressing, 18 oz. - or - Mother Teresa's Balsamic Dressing Dipping Sauce & Mother Teresa's Italian Dressing, 18 oz.
Eat right and live longer!  Remember, our products are heart healthy, cholesterol free and low in sodium.
....Oh and yes....
  You supply the love and hot loaf of Italian bread!  

Mother Teresa's Hors D'oeurves Basket, only $69.95

The Italian foods in this basket make a great business gift for that home or office party. 
The delicious food items in this gift basket are easy to display and serve. 
This italian hors d'oeurves gift basket consists of:
Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Caponata 9 oz, Mother Teresa's Olivati Salad 9 oz, 
Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Garlic 12 oz, Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Giardenera 16 oz, Mother Teresa's Pesto 9 oz,
Mother Teresa's Mediterranean Mushrooms 16 oz, Gourmet Crackers

"From Mother Teresa's kitchen to your dining room table. Salute!!"

Give us a call to discuss your basket needs. We can custom make one for any occasion

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